What is an expository essay

Have you ever wondered what the word “essay” means? This is not just a story about how I spent the summer, but above all is the expression of thoughts, emotions, and feelings. The word essay comes from France and means invention, creating something. The concept of writing To answer the question of what an essay … Continue reading "What is an expository essay"

What is a synthesis essay

An essay is actually a composition on a free topic. It is not tied to any particular work. Synthesis essay is considered the most challenging work genre. This is due to the fact that the student has practically no support in front of his eyes; he must be based on his own experience. However, he … Continue reading "What is a synthesis essay"

What is a narrative essay

A narrative essay is an essay that describes an object, person, animal, or phenomenon. The narrative essay differs from all other works not only by its structure but also by its content. This is generally the most complex type of work! There it is necessary to consistently state the thesis, the arguments and formulate a … Continue reading "What is a narrative essay"

How to write an analytical essay

The structure of the analytical essay The structure of the analytical essay is as follows: An introduction containing a thesis is a statement requiring proof. Arguments: at least 2-3 proofs of thoughts, stated in the thesis. The conclusion in which the thesis is finally confirmed. The volume of the essay is calculated by the formula: … Continue reading "How to write an analytical essay"