What is a narrative essay

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A narrative essay is an essay that describes an object, person, animal, or phenomenon. The narrative essay differs from all other works not only by its structure but also by its content.

This is generally the most complex type of work! There it is necessary to consistently state the thesis, the arguments and formulate a conclusion.

First, we need to describe in general terms what exactly we will describe, what is the meaning for us. And then the fun begins. It is necessary to present the described subject and begin to select different words. Among them must be comparisons, metaphors, and epithets. Describing a flower, it’s not enough to say, “This flower is beautiful.” You need to include all your imagination and, comparing it with something, draw its verbal portrait: “This flower is very delicate. Its petals, warmed by the sun, have a bright yellow color. “In this description, the object comes to life: it appears as if a living person, such an object is not just interesting to read, but it is easier to imagine.

You need to tune in to creativity. Here you need inspiration, desire, and a certain stock of knowledge and techniques. And what to do if a person is not good at writing, but it is necessary to write in school? I think you need to look for your inspiration in various photos, videos, in nature.

Do not describe the subject that can not be presented. Be sure to read something about it. Then many words will immediately arise in your head to work with text on this topic! And we must treat this not as some duty and hard work, but as creativity.

Just before giving the teacher you work, it worth to double check your work for mistakes.

It is not necessary to be a writer to write a good essay. Writing an essay is a creative process. Dividing this process into a series of small operations instead of a most difficult process, you will make writing an essay a much simpler task. You can brainstorm your main ideas, write them on a draft, and polish your draft, turning it into a brilliant essay.