What is a synthesis essay

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An essay is actually a composition on a free topic. It is not tied to any particular work. Synthesis essay is considered the most challenging work genre. This is due to the fact that the student has practically no support in front of his eyes; he must be based on his own experience. However, he must still have his life position.

Another prerequisite for the successful writing of an essay is the reading of the author, in order to confirm his words at the right moment with a quote from work or just the words of a famous person.

What are the parts of synthesis essays

The first is evidence. It serves to prove that the thesis presented is the truth. The second kind is an explanation. It helps to explain to the reader that the text and its content bears within itself. Proving something here is not required.

Finally, the last view will be a writing reflection. It is constructed according to the explanation-proof scheme. Here you need to give various examples and specify the causal relationships.

The introduction is necessary for the reader to prepare for the reading of the following text. Here it should be noted how relevant this topic is today. You can ask a few questions to which the answer will be given in the following parts of the essay. These questions should set the reader to reflect, forcing him to seek answers. It is necessary to indicate how this topic is palmitic. It is very welcome to use different bright phrases for the beginning.

After the introduction follows the central part, it contains the main arguments in favor of opinion. At the same time, they should be clearly connected, and their total number should not exceed 3-5 sentences.

If you have discovered something here for yourself, use the words “first,” “second,” “third,” and so on to list your discoveries. Also, in no case should there be definitive conclusions. You are a researcher here. You need to encourage the reader to read the work (if you are still based on a particular action).